Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lean Coffee: Are ideas overrated?

Had a great LeanCoffeeTO this morning at BNOTIONS with a lively discussion roughly summarized by the following points:

  • Startups have become very popularized
    • There's a trailer for an American Idol-type startup TV show
  • Problem with Lean: Doesn't really allow for "blue sky" thinking?
  • Ideas need to come at the right time
    • Only see a limited view at any given time snapshot
  • Is starting a "startup" different than starting a "business"?
  • Startups need to have a "grand vision"?
  • Treating Lean as "gospel" is dangerous
  • Process needs to be flexible
  • Lean and its process makes a great base for discussion
  • Very different environment for businesses now (vs late 90s/early 2000s)
    • Faster pace, easier technology
  • Value of ideas: Can turn any idea into "something"
  • Idea vs. vision
    • Idea is just a "spark" that can lead to a full vision
  • Twitter has evolved
    • Started by a failed podcasting company
  • Interviewing is hard
  • Lean process reduces risk
    • However -- Reducing the risk is not the same as getting to success?
  • Starting a startup not "sensible", the sensible thing is to get a job
  • Would benefit Ontario if health care software providers followed more Lean principles?
So the discussion took a few interesting turns along the way, but overall a very valuable session.

Great to see everyone and really looking forward to the upcoming one year celebration events.

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