Thursday, January 20, 2011

Annual Planning

My weekly notes from this morning's Lean Coffee Toronto on "annual planning":
  • When to plan:
    • Before your fiscal year, or
    • Before the calendar year
  • Strategic vs. Financial -- which one first?
  • Goals and Vision:
    • Does it include longer term goals?
    • Does your team know them?
  • Review:
    • Monthly?
    • Every 3 months?
    • Review the previous year's goals and results?
  • "Doing" lists:
    • What to start doing
    • What to stop doing
    • What to continue doing
  • Employee 1-on-1's
    • Know their goals
    • Make sure they understand your vision
    • Goals and vision need to be aligned with company's
We also talked about some goals and visions for Lean Coffee itself:
  • Learning, supporting, networking
  • Sharing of specific information (ie. real problems, real numbers)
  • All advising each other
  • "Group therapy"
  • Case studies
  • Want honest critique and feedback
  • Establish a standard format
Really enjoyed the "Café Americano" and the great discussion. Always such a great way to start the day! :)

If you're interested, check out the HTML5 Meetup tonight. I'll be doing a brief intro presentation, followed by discussion and networking.

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