Thursday, February 10, 2011

Refreshing Lean Coffee Toronto

Today we celebrated Lean Coffee Toronto's 20th meetup, hosted by the awesome folks at Foundery.

This was a "refresher" session, devoted to discussing the group itself and its future. A brief summary:
  • Lean is all about the reduction of waste
  • "Lean Startup" perhaps a cross between agile software development and agile customer development
  • LeanCoffeeTO has a strong "support group" aspect to it
  • Resource / Definition reminder: "Running Lean" book: Steve Blank, Eric Reis, Bootstrapping
  • Comparing to religion -- pick subsets, slightly different beliefs, but common uniting factors: principles
  • Useful stuff: Processes, Case studies
  • Needs improvement: Moving from high level to specifics -- ie. metrics, measurements
  • Needs more coverage: Marketing, Financing, Scalability
  • Potential revisits of core topics
  • Important to record and/or summarize (No record of some earlier meetups)
  • Potential spinoffs or separations:
    • Workshops
    • Two different weekly sessions, split on Product/Process or Cust Dev./Technical
  • Foundery: Coworking, Incubation, Unfinished on purpose: Let participants define what it is
And some personal opinions:
  • Awesome (and somewhat surprising) how many people/companies have donated their space and bought coffee and snacks to support LCT -- My personal thanks to all of them!
  • 30+ people is too big for the current format and splitting into multiple sessions would be beneficial
  • I personally favor the biz/technical split -- possibly on tues/thurs morning
  • Also I vote for a regular "official" Lean Drinks night -- perhaps once a month?
  • Not big on the workshop idea, but seems like others are
  • All of these things do require a bit of planning and organization
  • Still, important to keep a nice balance between "formal" and "organic" (ie. it will suck if it gets too formal)
  • Perhaps other can post their ideas as comments here or the LeanCoffeeTO message board?
P.S. If you'd like to be added to my LeanCoffeeTO Twitter list, just remind me at @jasonhanley or tweet with hashtag #LeanCoffeeTO and I'll add you.

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