Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Lean Marketing

I attended the brand shiny new Tuesday session of Lean Coffee Toronto today at the awesome BNOTIONS headquarters at Yonge and Bloor.

My summary follows:
  • Thursday's session of "How to spend $5,000" apparently wasn't the right approach to the discussion
    • (good thing we got a second try :)
  • Different parts: Researching vs. Positioning vs. Building Demand
  • Can you describe the product in a few short sentences? (ie. the length of a Google Ad)
  • Very important to have consistent messaging
  • Creating the UVP (unique value proposition) is the hardest part.
  • Technique: "It's like X for Y"
    • Example: It's like Dropbox for Development Environments
    • Pros: You can use all of the marketing efforts from X for free!
    • Cons: Helps describe the What, but not necessarily the Why
  • 6 steps: (iterative)
    • Problem
    • Values
    • Market
    • Ideal consumer
    • Competition
    • Positioning (USP)
  • Technique: 3rd-party re-explanation:
    • Explain to someone, then have that person explain it to someone else new
  • Tip: Don't try to deliver too many different concepts in your message
  • How far along do you need to get to get proper feedback? Idea? Mockups? Prototype?
    • Answer: All of the above. Start with an idea and move up from there as you get validation
  • Pivoting: Do you change the market or the product? (or both?)

And some Meetup-related stuff:
  • Next meetup: Same topic both days again
  • Perhaps some attempt to:
    • Post reading material prior to meetup (and have people actually read it)
    • Keep the discussion on topic via the moderator (a difficult task, to be sure)
    • Look at the San Fran Group for topic ideas and literature
  • Check out http://dooo.sh/it/ from Big Bang (blog post)
Please comment on this post or email any corrections, additions or updates.

Until next time!

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