Thursday, December 1, 2011

Lean Coffee: Pirate Metrics and Customer Feedback

Great little Lean Coffee session this morning at Big Bang. My notes:
  • How do you decide what to build?
  • AARRR!
    • Acquisition: Signups
    • Activation:
      • Subjective: 1 post, 2 posts, a series of events?
    • Retention
      • How many coming back every X days, X months
      • "Active users"
    • Referral
    • Revenue
  • Example: How many signups per blog posting?
  • Focus on one metric at a time -- for instance "how do we get people to activate?"
  • Activation phase: Need to focus on particular group/niche
  • What is that "painful" thing people need to do to set up
    • Switching costs
  • Revenue: What makes the highest profit?
  • Sometimes your metrics are wrong
    • For instance, are your activations _really_ activations?
  • Metrics: Are you tracking the "offline" parts of the experience?
  • Retention: Continued activations
  • It's not just one feature -- it's how they all fit together
  • Everyone has their one different "one thing"
  • You can divide into different users groups, and each one can have their own activation
  • Example metric for Basecamp: "User has a conversation"
  • You often have to sell to your customer multiple times
  • Activation metric should always be testing your _new_ users, not mixed up with existing users
  • What set of features provide the most value: to customer, to business
  • Which feature is causing us the most problems?
  • Start measuring first -- then set goals

SUPER BONUS!!! Live screenshots from PMRobot's custom dashboard.

You can have a look at the type of metrics we currently track.

Click to zoom in.

Recent signups: Note that contact information is right there so we can email for feedback quickly

"Active" users: Currently defined as created more than 7 days ago and logged in within past 7 days

More active users: We use highlighting and bold to show which ones are further along in the process

Organization dashboard: Shows a small subset of "key" accounts

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