Thursday, May 19, 2011

PMRobot Project Management Survey #1 Results

Back in March, I put together a survey with two very simple statements:

1. When managing a project, I often feel like a glorified secretary

The results for this question surprised me. Only about half of the 32 respondents felt this way.

2. Communication between clients and programmers is poor or non-existent

This question turned out more like I expected. Most people agreed that client-programmer communication could be improved.

There were also some great insights from the free form comments:
  • Programmers: "Often they are not engaged early enough in the project.  Therefore they are missing information that has already been covered."
  • "If your programmers just aren't client-safe, then you are doomed to be, or to rely upon, 'Systems Analysts' of the sort you see in the movie 'Office Space'."
  • "It's important to engage with clients and programmers. When you wait for them to come to you and don't engage proactively, then communication suffers."
Thanks again to all who responded!

I've already used this feedback to help prioritize the communication aspect of PMRobot over the automation features.

P.S. I'm running a new survey about existing tools. I'd love to hear your feedback at

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