Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lean Coffee: Minimum Desirable Product

Today's Lean Coffee TO discussed the concept of a "Minimum Desirable Product" in relation to the more well-known MVP.

An interesting way to visualize this concept, from @andrewchen's presentation is as follows:

I also took some notes from the discussion:

  • Twitter, Facebook, Google all started as MDPs (without a viable business model)
  • Viability is measurable, whereas desirability is more difficult to measure
  • Desirability is about demand -- does it exist at any price (including free)
  • Are you viable initially, or only after X number of users?
  • MDPs can give awareness, publicity, etc. to a company to help them launch 2nd, 3rd products
  • MySpace -- Still viable, but not as desirable anymore?
  • Just starting out: Tradeoffs between desirability and viability
  • Desirability is a _component_ of viability
  • MVP when spoken about, often really refers to MDP
  • Can viability kill desirability? (ie. Facebook early stages)
  • With a desirable product, your viability may be tied to different users than you think
  • Like "Ladies Night" -- free customers and paying customers
  • What should you focus on at what time? Feasibility vs. Desirability vs. Viability
  • Feasibility is a lot easier for most type of applications now
  • Viability is easier too since costs have gone down
  • So the most difficult part now might be Desirability
Thanks to Andrew and Satish at Jet Cooper for hosting this morning's session!

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